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    Submissions are invited for a Topical Issue of EPJ E on Advances in Computational Methods for Biological Physics.

    Over the last decade computational methods for biological physics have advanced enormously. This is due in part to the ever decreasing cost of computing power, as well as the ever increasing detail with which physical aspects of biological systems can be measured and compared with theory and simulations. However, key challenges remain, including how to simulate, analyse, and derive effective theories from complex multiscale or multiphysics models of biological processes on complex or evolving domains. This Topical Issue aims to showcase exciting recent advances in this area.

    Original research papers focusing on latest advances in computational methods for biological physics are welcomed. This includes, but is not limited to, the development and application of new mathematical techniques, numerical algorithms, and their computational implementation using GPGPU and other modern hardware architectures. Methods and models may include stochastic or deterministic, discrete or continuum, or hybrid, and may focus on biological processes from the molecular to the cellular and larger scales.

    The issue is open to everyone working in the field. We invite contributors to communicate their intention to submit manuscripts for this Topical Issue to the Guest Editors as soon as possible. Please provide the tentative title of the paper and a short abstract. The full manuscripts should be submitted before the deadline directly to the EPJE Editorial Office.

    Deadline for submission: January 31, 2021

    Submissions should be clearly identified as intended for the Topical Issue “Advances in Computational Methods for Biological Physics”. Papers will be published continuously and will appear (as soon as accepted) on the journal website. The electronic version of the Topical Issue will contain all accepted papers in the order of publication. All submitted papers will be refereed according to the usual high standards of the journal. More general information about EPJE including instructions for authors is available at

    Guest Editors:
    Alexander Fletcher, University of Sheffield, UK (
    Rastko Sknepnek, University of Dundee, UK (
    Moumita Das, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA (
    Karsten Kruse, University of Geneva, Switzerland (

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