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    At the University of Helsinki (Finland), we offer an ecology-centred biomathematics package for MSc students of mathematics and life science informatics. Building models from an understanding of the underlying processes and developing mathematical skills for model analysis, the students learn how to model real-life phenomena. For research-oriented students, the scope and depth of this package provides a strong foundation for pursuing a PhD.

    Our program has seven regular full-semester courses taught by Stefan Geritz and Eva Kisdi,
    * Introduction to mathematical biology
    * Mathematical modelling
    * Evolution and the theory of games
    * Adaptive dynamics
    * Stochastic population models
    * Spatial models in ecology and evolution
    * Mathematics of infectious diseases
    In addition, our department also offers courses in statistical ecology and statistical genetics. All MSc courses are in English.

    The Biomathematics package is available through two different Master’s Programmes of the University of Helsinki, either as the Mathematical modelling specialization of the Master’s Programme in Mathematics and Statistics (MAST) or the Biomathematics study track of the Master’s Programme in Life Science Informatics (LSI). More information and admissions via the website (application deadline 5 January). There is no tuition fee for students coming from the EU/EEA/Switzerland.

    Exchange students are welcome to individual courses (see the timing of the courses on

    With best regards,
    Eva Kisdi

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