Five Good Reasons To Publish in The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology ( is the natural home for your next great mathematical biology paper. Here are some of the reasons why you should publish with us:

1. The Bulletin Is The First Journal In Mathematical And Theoretical Biology

Since its inception in 1939, the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology has been regarded as the premier journal in mathematical and theoretical biology. It brings together the most talented minds in the field of the mathematical biology, and fosters a strong and passionate community in the Society for Mathematical Biology. The Bulletin continues evolving with the field and with our community, responding to new innovations and changing needs. We’ll continue to do so with your support!

2. The Bulletin Is Led By Your Peers, Colleagues And Mentors

The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology was created by scientists for scientists. Our editors and editorial board members are all active researchers in the field: they are your peers, colleagues and mentors. They care about the science and the people who have worked so hard on it.

3. The Bulletin Earns Respect

The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology publishes influential papers in the field. It is the mathematical and theoretical biology journal with the largest number of Highly Cited Papers indexed at the Essential Science Indicators of Institute for Scientific Information (Thomson Reuters). The Institute for Scientific Information defines highly cited papers as those which received enough citations to place them in the top 1% of its academic field based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year.

4. The Bulletin Cares About Your Paper

The Bulletin editors know how much work has gone into every paper and we treat each papers and its authors with respect. In the moment your paper is submitted, we make a strong commitment to your re-search. We accept over 95% of papers where a revision is invited. Our editors know it’s a competitive world!

5. The Bulletin Brings Together The Mathematical Biology Community

Both the Bulletin and the Society for Mathematical Biology believe in creating new connections to help inspire and promote research in mathematical and theoretical biology. By publishing in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, you are supporting the Society for Mathematical Biology. We bring together leading scientists and young researchers at our meetings focused on important and emerging fields. The Society also has a strong international presence through its support of meetings across the world in mathematical and theoretical biology. We’re proud to support mathematical biologists, and inspire new research at the intersection of biology and mathematics!

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