Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Editor-in-Chief – Call for nominations

The Publications Committee of the Society for Mathematical Biology is seeking applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s flagship publication, the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. This appointment will begin 1st January 2022, or as soon as possible thereafter, for an initial five-year term, with possibility of renewal.

The goal of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology is to publish high-quality original research findings and other information relevant to the interface of biology and the mathematical sciences. It covers an incredibly diverse range of application areas, and showcases the development and application of a wide variety of mathematical, statistical, computational and data science methodologies to their study.

The Editor-in-Chief is the custodian of the scientific content of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. They should have a broad understanding of mathematical biology and be able to champion the field as an evolving discipline. The Editor-in-Chief must have international scientific stature and be committed to furthering the goals of the Society for Mathematical Biology. As the figurehead of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, the Editor-in-Chief should, in addition to broad interests in mathematical biology, be an open and inclusive individual with excellent organisation, communication, time- and people-management skills, who is committed to engaging with the scientific community.

In particular, their role is to

  • enhance the ability of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology to serve the interests of the global community as the field advances;
  • liaise with the Society for Mathematical Biology leadership to ensure a vision for the journal that is consistent with the aims of the Society;
  • provide a route for scientific discussion and debate as well as the dissemination of sound primary research;
  • ensure that all content is scientifically valid, of high quality and fits the aims and scope of the journal;
  • actively promote the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, encourage the submission of manuscripts in emerging areas of importance, and to commission journal collections (special issues);
  • recruit, lead and mentor the editorial board members to increase the quality of the editorial process;
  • manage the peer review system efficiently and with integrity.

About the Society for Mathematical Biology: The Society for Mathematical Biology was founded in 1973 to promote the development and dissemination of research and education at the interface between the mathematical and biological sciences. It does so through its meetings, awards, and publications. The Society serves a diverse community of researchers and educators in academia, in industry, and government agencies throughout the world, and has an ongoing commitment to cultivating an inclusive and equitable society. The Society is governed by an Elected Board of Directors, and membership to the Society is open to scientists who share the stated purpose of the Society and who have educational, research, or practical experience in mathematical biology or in an allied scientific field. 

The Publications Committee welcomes applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to the values of the Society for Mathematical Biology.

Declarations of interest should be made to the Publications Committee through the Society Office (nominations@smb.org). Candidates should submit a two-page CV, a brief supporting statement (of no more than 300 words) outlining their vision for the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology under their leadership, as well as links to their website and Google Scholar pages. We also encourage Editor-in-Chief candidate suggestions from the general community – the selection committee will reach out to the candidate to invite them to submit the required supporting documents. The deadline for applications is 17th September 2021.



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