Welcome to the first issue of the new and improved SMB Newsletter! At the Society for Mathematical Biology, we are thrilled to have this fully updated and electronically accessible Newsletter representing our transition to an online and up-to-date society.

This milestone of establishing the SMB Newsletter as fully electronic allows us to reach the widest audience possible, and has been the long-term vision of the current board of directors of the Society. In addition, by establishing an international group of Newsletter editors, we have assurance that the focus is relevant to all members of our Society. Finally, moving to this new format continues to keep the Society in-line with reducing our environmental footprint. In fact, our entire updated SMB website is now at the cutting edge – with Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as links to up-to-date information on items such as the annual meeting, subgroups, awards and grants. We hope you will visit it weekly to stay updated.

This step into the current (and future) electronic dialog on relevant topics, issues and science places SMB at the forefront of mathematical biology pursuits for its members.

I hope you enjoy this first issue as much as I have!

Denise Kirschner
President, Society for Mathematical Biology

Hello from the SMB Newsletter editors!

We are Drs Stacey Finley, Jennifer Flegg, and Robin Thompson – Editors of the newly released SMB Newsletter. Together, we are really pleased to present the first issue of the newsletter, which will be published quarterly.

This newsletter is meant to serve our academic community, providing useful and interesting information for SMB members. We hope you will take the time to read the articles and engage with the newsletter by sharing it with colleagues and contributing new content.

What to expect

Each issue of the SMB Newsletter will have three main sections. You can expect to see new content for each of these sections in every issue of the newsletter.

  1. News – This section will provide a summary of events, meetings, and happenings relevant to the Society for Mathematical Biology.
  2. People – Here, we will introduce you to mathematical biologists from around the world and highlight their work and impact on the field, through articles and interviews.
  3. Editorial – This section will highlight relevant published journal articles or online content in mathematical biology.

To see the articles in this issue, click the links at the bottom of this page.

How to contribute

This newsletter can only be successful if it provides useful content to SMB members. We are open to your suggestions on how to improve the content or add new sections. If you have any content or articles you would like to submit to the newsletter, please send them our way! Feel free to contact any of us – and the primary contact editor is Robin.

Get to know us

The SMB membership spans different continents, and we are no different! Robin is based in the United Kingdom (University of Oxford), Stacey is located in the United States (University of Southern California), and Jennifer is in Australia (University of Melbourne). So that you can get to know us a little better, each of the first three issues of the newsletter will be accompanied by an interview with one of us! To see Robin’s interview, please click here.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter!

Stacey, Jen and Robin
Editors, SMB Newsletter


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