Research Round-up

Dr Jennifer Flegg

In this Research Round-up, we feature a recent conference where mathematical biology was promoted, present some research highlights from the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology and draw attention to upcoming special issues to be published in the Bulletin.

Conference Report

Mathematical Biology at LatMath 2018 at Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) by Dr Carrie Diaz Eaton
This March, IPAM hosted the Latinx in the Mathematical Sciences Conference. This event was an excellent opportunity for the mathematically-minded Latinx community to get out and network with others, find research and employment opportunities, and be inspired by role-models that are well-regarded in their field. For more, read on here.

Please consider submitting a report on a conference that you have attended where there is a strong mathematical biology presence so that we can include it in the newsletter.

Research highlights in Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology is the official journal for the Society. It plays an important role in supporting our research community and disseminating research at the interface between the mathematical and biological sciences. Publishing in the Bulletin is a way to exchange research ideas to a broader community of mathematical that might not be possible in other, more specialised, journals.

For more details about why the Bulletin is the driving engine for SMB and what you can do to show your support for the journal, please read an article by past SMB President Santiago Schnell here.

The Bulletin has a history of publishing high impact papers that go on to become highly cited, some examples are listed here:

  • Matthew J. Simpson, Benjamin J. Binder, Parvathi Haridas, Benjamin K. Wood, Katrina K. Treloar, D.L. Sean McElwain and Ruth E. Baker (2013). Experimental and modelling investigation of monolayer development with clustering. Bulletin of Mathematical 75 (5), 871-889.
    Citations: 27 (Scopus, 24th May 2018)
  • Chad M. Topaz, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Mark A. Lewis (2006). A nonlocal continuum model for biological aggregation. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 68 (7), 1601-1623.
    Citations: 198 (Scopus, 24th May 2018)
  • Chetan Gadgil, Chang Hyeong Lee, Hans G. Othmer (2005). A stochastic analysis of first-order reaction networks. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 67 (5), 901-946.
    Citations: 101 (Scopus, 24th May 2018)

If you have published a paper in the Bulletin that is now highly cited (for example, as defined by Essential Science Indicators of Institute for Scientific Information), why not let us know about it!

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology special issues

There are several upcoming special issues in the Bulletin which you might like to consider contributing to. They are listed below, along with the organisers of each of the special issues:

  • Algebraic Methods in Phylogenetics (Marta Casanellas and John Rhodes)
  • Drug Discovery and Development (Helen Moore and Richard Allen)
  • Gillespie and His Algorithms (Carissa Young, Linda Petzold and Effrosyni Seitaridou)
  • Mathematical Epidemiology (Julien Arino and James Watmough)
  • Multiscale Modelling of Tissue Growth and Shape (Mark Alber, Philip Maini and Roeland Merks)
  • Modelling Biological Evolution (Andrew Morozov)

For more information about any of the special issues, please contact Prof Reinhard Laubenbacher (


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