Research Round-up

Dr Stacey Finley

In this quarter’s Editorial section of the SMB Newsletter, we highlight relevant research papers, professional development articles, and a newsletter focused on mathematical oncology.

Research Highlights

The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, the official journal of the Society, has published its first three issues of 2018.

The issues contain 27 original research articles that present exciting new research including studies of atherosclerotic plaques and HIV transmission dynamics; approaches to analyse ODE models of enzymatic reactions and the properties of tree-based networks; and predicting the efficacy of radiation treatment in cancer or a vaccination protocol for controlling the spread of Zika virus.

In addition, two research methods articles were published: estimating spawning behaviour in fish biology and a multiscale approach to characterize the structure of biomolecules.

We encourage you to browse through the titles, and see what piques your interest! And, don’t forget to consider the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology for your next manuscript submission.
March 2018
February 2018
January 2018

Professional Development

Ten Simple Rules is a series of editorials from the journal PLoS Computational Biology that offers relevant insight and advice for researchers at all career stages. We highlight four editorials that have been published over the past year for trainees and for research advisors.

For early career trainees:

For research advisors:

Mathematical Oncology Newsletter

There are many applications of mathematical biology, including in cancer. This area of research, considered mathematical oncology, applies computational modeling to study cancer at multiple scales, from initiation through metastasis. Mathematical predictions generate testable hypotheses, many of which have been experimentally and clinically validated. There is a new effort to compile important updates and contributions to the field of mathematical oncology. The effort is led by Dr. Jeffrey West, a postdoctoral researcher working in the laboratory of Dr. Alexander R. A. Anderson at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

“This weekly email newsletter is dedicated to all things mathematical oncology. We consolidate the important updates in the field of mathematical modeling in oncology into one, distilled form of communication. These might be links to publications, preprints, books, or even blog posts. Click on the following links to subscribe or follow the discussion using #MathOnco on Twitter. Is the field of mathematical oncology ready for the next (r)evolution? Join us!”
~ Jeffrey West, Ph.D.

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