The Society for Mathematical Biology awards a number of prizes including the Akira Okubo Prize, the Arthur T. Winfree Prize, and the Lee Segel Prize, as described below.


Akira Okubo Prize

The Akira Okubo Fund was established in memory of Akira Okubo, who made major contributions to many fields, including mathematical ecology and oceanography. Okubo was widely recognized for his scientific work, as well as for his exceptional humanity. The objective of the Akira Okubo Prize is to honor a living scientist for outstanding and innovative theoretical work, for establishing superb conceptual ideas, for solving tough theoretical problems, and/or for uniting theory and data to advance a biological subject. The prize is jointly administered by the Society for Mathematical Biology and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology.


Arthur T. Winfree Prize

The Arthur T. Winfree Prize was established in memory of the contributions to mathematical biology by Arthur T. Winfree. Winfree was one of the legendary figures in the field, one of the very few who combined brilliant theory with imaginative and masterful experiments. Many careers were built on his pioneering work in biological periodicity and pattern formation. Winfree's genius was frequently hidden by his modest, even self effacing manner. Beyond his scientific contributions, he was an exemplary scientist and human being. Winfree passed away from an aggressive brain tumor in the fall of 2002. His generosity and kindness to his colleagues and students is sorely missed. The objective of the Arthur T. Winfree Prize is to honor a theoretician whose research has inspired significant new biology.


Lee Segel Prize

To honor the enormous contribution that Lee Segel made to the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (BMB) and the field of mathematical biology as a whole, the Society of Mathematical Biology is funding a series of prizes based on papers published in the BMB. Every two years, prizes will be awarded for best paper and best student paper published in the BMB in the previous two years.