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Back in September 2003, the Society for Mathematical Biology Newsletter transitioned from the web-based format to printed format.  It appears that our web-based newsletter was ahead of its time.

Last month, the officers and elected directors of the Society for Mathematical Biology unanimously approved the H. D. Landahl Mathematical Biophysics Award for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows.

The Segel prize recognizes outstanding research in the field of mathematical biology that has been published in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.

The Society for Mathematical Biology now offers a Lifetime Membership.

Voting in the 2016 Society for Mathematical Biology elections began a few days ago.  If you are a regular member of the Society for Mathematical Biology, it's time to cast your ballot in the elections.

Markus Owen

Please join us before the start of the scientific meeting for a variety of presentations and discussions around careers in mathematical biology...

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology is the natural home for your next great mathematical biology paper...

Alan Hastings and Reinhard Laubenbacher talk about their careers.

Hans G Othmer

There are numerous examples of the importance of stochastic effects at various levels of biological organization...


Hiroshi Nishiura

My research interests span the areas of statistical epidemiology of infectious diseases, epidemic modeling and biomathematical formulation of infectious disease spread.

David Basanta

I am a professional mathematician that as a kid would rather spend weekends and holidays programming my computer and reading books than hanging out with friends and playing football...

Katrina Johnson

The Science and Engineering Festival took place this past April in Washington D.C. The massive event attracted 365,000 people, and featured over 3000 hands-on activities for K-12 kids, their teachers, and their parents

Rebecca Segal

We had about 100 attendees with 40 talks and 40 posters to round out the conference.

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