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The Society for Mathematical Biology promotes the development and dissemination of research at the interface between the mathematical and biological sciences through its meetings, awards, and publications. The Society serves a diverse community of researchers and educators in academia, industry, and in government agencies throughout the world.

To foster scientific excellence at the interface between quantitative and life sciences, the Society connects scientists and educators at the SMB annual meeting and through the top quality research published in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, honors key contributions to Mathematical Biology by members through international awards, and provides travel, conference, and career support to scientists at all career stages. Members reach out to people all over the world, from schoolchildren and scientists to political leaders, to share the excitement and value of scientific research at the interface of the mathematical and biological sciences.


"I see SMB members as educators at all levels, of undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, other scientists and the general public, armed with a powerful set of tools that all people need to grapple with and unify the important issues of our times."
Fred Adler, President

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2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology Posted on June 29, 2015

The time has come for the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology in Atlanta, GA. The conference has a new foci on mathematical modeling of disease, medicine, public health, and molecular systems biology, complementing the traditional topics of SMB. The conference is being hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Neuroscience Institute within the College of Arts and Sciences at Georgia State University. The conference is being held at the Student/University Center of Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta.

Questions regarding the conference can be directed to Ms. Sandra Gearldene Ahuama-Jonas at sahuamajonas1@gsu.edu or SMB15@gsu.edu.

Please check http://math.gsu.edu/~smb for updates. The link to the conference program is https://www.openconf.org/SMB15/openconf.php, where you can check both the most updated program and the abstracts under Proceedings.

The conference accommodation venues are completely full and reservations have closed. There are other lodging options available in Atlanta. For those who have trouble finding lodging, a room sharing board has been setup at http://math.gsu.edu/~smb/accommodation.html.

Please respond, if you haven't already, to the conference banquet survey here.

Important links:
Link to Conference: http://math.gsu.edu/~smb/
Link to Registration: http://math.gsu.edu/~smb/registration.html
Link to Mentoring Workshop: http://math.gsu.edu/~smb/workshop.html
Link to Mentoring Program: http://www.smb.org/meetings/mentoring.shtml

The poster is available here.

We hope you enjoy your time in Atlanta!

SMB awards the 2015 John Jungck Travel Award July 1, 2015

SMB is pleased to announce the first John Jungck Travel Award recipient, Elissa Schwartz, from Washington State University. In addition to her own research in virology, immunology, and infectious disease modeling, Dr. Schwartz has shown dedication to undergraduate mathematical biology education. In past meetings she has presented her students' on-campus epidemiological investigations, and this week at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the SMB she will speak more generally on the integration of student research into undergraduate coursework. Dr. Schwartz teaches an undergraduate introductory mathematical biology course and she mentors a number of undergraduate research students.

SMB awards the 2015 Arthur T. Winfree Prize to John Rinzel Posted on January 22, 2015

John Rinzel is the recipient of the 2015 Arthur T. Winfree Prize for his elegant work on the analysis of dynamical behavior in models of neural activity and the contributions that work has made in the neurobiological community to the understanding of a host of phenomena (including simple excitability as well as bursting) in single neurons, small populations of neurons, and other excitable cells.

The official citation can be found here.

SMB and JSMB award the 2015 Akira Okubo Prize to Joshua Plotkin Posted on January 22, 2015

The Society for Mathematical Biology and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology are pleased to announce that the 2015 Akira Okubo Prize will be awarded to Joshua Plotkin, Professor of Biology and Computer & Information Science at University of Pennsylvannia. In 2015, the Okubo Prize is awarded to a scientist under 40, for outstanding and innovative theoretical work, for establishing superb conceptual ideas, for solving tough theoretical problems, and/or for uniting theory and data to advance biological science. Professor Plotkin's outstanding research achievements in his career to date amply satisfy these exacting criteria and do credit to the memory of Professor Akira Okubo.

The official citation can be found here.

SMB baseball card nominations Posted on September 27, 2014

The USA Science and Engineering Festival sponsored a program to design baseball cards, and we created one for Simon Levin (available here) that was quite a hit, as it were. SMB would like to have a new card available at each Annual Meeting until it has a whole team! If you would like a Mathematical Biologist to get their own baseball card, please send nominations to Fred Adler by email (adler@math.utah.edu).

SMB announces the 2014 Lee Segel Prizes Posted on June 5, 2014

The Society for Mathematical Biology is proud to announce the winners of the 2014 Lee Segel Prizes for best paper in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. The award funded by Springer in partnership with the Society for Mathematical Biology, honors the late Lee A. Segel, past-President of the Society and former Editor of the Bulletin. This year's prize selection commitee considered papers accepted for publication from January 2012 up to the end of September 2013.

Recipients are honored with a cash amount of US$ 2000-3000, and are asked to present their work at the SMB annual meeting. This summer, the meeting is to be held in Osaka, Japan.

Best Research Paper:
S.R. McDougall, M.G. Watson, A.H. Devlin, C.A. Mitchell, and M.A.J. Chaplain.
A hybrid discrete-continuum mathematical model of pattern prediction. Bull Math Biology (2012) 74:2272-2314

Best Student Paper:
Stephen O'Malley and Martin A. Bees.
The orientation of swimming bi-flagellates in shear flows. Bull Math Biology (2012) 74:232-255