Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Who do I notify if I have questions or problems regarding my subscription to the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology?
A: Send an email to Torcom Chorbajian, our treasurer, with your name and a description of the issues you are having.

Q: Who do I notify about a change of address?
A: Send an email to Torcom Chorbajian, our treasurer, with your name, new address, new email and new phone number.

Q: How do I join the SMB?
A: See our website under 'Membership' for application details and the link to the online application. A paper application can be found at here.

Q: Can I get a list of all of the members of the SMB and their email addresses?
A: No. In order to protect our members from "spam", or unsolicited email advertisments, we have set up our website so you cannot access the whole list of members of the SMB. If there is a specific person you are looking for, that is possible.

Q: How many members of the SMB are there?
A: The numbers change at any give time. At the time of this writing there are a little over 500 members listed in the email database.

Q: How do I subscribe to receive the SMB Digest?
A: Follow the instructions on the Digest page.

Q:How do I submit an item to appear in the SMB Digest?

A: Follow the instructions on the Digest page.

Q: Why do I keep seeing the same names as the authors of your newsletter?
A: We like to encourage anyone to write articles for the newsletter, but unfortunately that does not happen. Anyone who would like to write an article for the newsletter is welcome to. We look forward to meeting announcments, meeting reports, reviews of books (not advertisements) or anything else that might be of interest to those in the Mathematical Biology community.

Q: If I wanted to write an article for the newsletter, who do I talk to?
A: Holly Gaff does a wonderful job of coordinating and collecting articles for the newsletter. Articles are also published in the e-mail Digest,

Q: I would like to place an ad in your newsletter. Who should I send it to?
A: If you wish to advertise something related to Mathematical Biology contact Torcom Chorbajian for information and prices.

Q: I have a great idea for an addition to your website. Who should I contact about it?
A:Send an email to Will Heuett at

Q Can I link to the SMB website?
A: We cannot control what other people do on the internet. If you feel a link to us would be appropriate for your website, please feel free to add us. Our address is

Q: I want SMB to link to my website. Who do I ask about that?
A:Send an email to Will Heuett at

Q: How does a graduate student or postdoc apply for SMB support to the Annual Meeting?
A:Submit an application per instructions on the web page for the annual meeting.

Q: I am a student and am interested in Mathematical Biology. Where can I learn more?
A: Look under "Education" and "Resources" on our website for a variety of information.

Q: Can you give me the name and contact information for someone who works with (insert specific subject area here)?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide this service. This website is for information about the Society for Mathematical Biology, and not about its individual members.

Q: I'm looking for a job. Can I send you my resume?
A: No - please do not send resumes. We cannot distribute them. However, job offerings are posted on the "Jobs Listings" page and in the Digest.