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The SMB Digest is distributed weekly to our SMB mailing list.

Recent Digests

Other volume 17 issues of SMB Digest can be found here.

Subscribe to the Digest

To subscribe to the digest, please point your browser at and complete the subscription information.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use e-mail, send mail to with “subscribe SMBnet Your Name” in the body of the mail (omit the quotes).

After you subscribe, you will receive a greeting with additional information.


Making submissions to the SMBnet

To make a submission to the SMB Digest, simply e-mail your submission to
Suitable items of interest to this community may be submitted to SMBnet for inclusion in an archive. See for details.

Service items of interest to SMB members are also maintained. See for details.


Accessing previous and current SMB Digests

All SMB digests are kept in the SMB Digest Archives

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